Teambuilding 2023:

The unforgettable 2-day-1-night trip at Phu Ninh Lake on July 29-30, 2023, left an indelible mark on the hearts of the Nhan Luat Corporation's staff. Laughter echoed, and excitement spread endlessly, in line with the meaningful slogan "Uniting Strength - Achieving Success" It was an unforgettable experience during the organized company trip and teambuilding event by Union of Nhan Luat Investment and Steel Trading Corporation.


Located in Tam Dai commune, Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province, the Phu Ninh Lake Resort and Spa radiates like a "Jade Gem" in the heart of Central Vietnam, boasting majestic landscapes of mountains harmoniously blending with a serene water surface. Just 7 km from Tam Ky station and 45 km from the ancient town of Hoi An, this tourist destination is easily accessible from both Da Nang International Airport (approximately 70 km away) and Chu Lai Airport (approximately 15 km away).

Understanding the desires of all members, the Union Corporation yearned to offer a perfect space for recreation and relaxation. Therefore, they chose Phu Ninh Lake as the ideal retreat to momentarily forget all work-related worries and enjoy exciting activities.

Right from the first steps, the enthusiasm and eagerness shone in each member of the Nhan Luat big family as they gathered at the tranquil Phu Ninh Lake Resort and Spa - an ideal place to unwind, find inner balance, and rejuvenate. The Union Corporation believed that this would bring a sense of comfort and joy to every individual.



Despite the rain and strong wind on the first day, nothing could dampen the spirits of the Nhan Luat members. The weather cleared up soon after, leaving a bright and beautiful day. The teambuilding activities not only brought joy and excitement but also forged strong connections and instilled positive attitudes in each participant. The teams faced challenging tasks like soccer matches, taming horses, boat racing game,… showcasing their collective strength and unity towards common goals. Through these activities, the gaps between the company members were bridged, creating opportunities for bonding and sharing unforgettable, lively moments.








In the evening of the same day, a spectacular Gala dinner took place, featuring outstanding performances by the company's own talents. This occasion allowed the members to showcase their unique abilities and talents, adding more excitement to the trip and strengthening the spirit of unity and cohesion among all.


The following day, after savoring a delicious breakfast, the entire company embarked on an adventurous boat tour on the river. The small islands, especially the monkey island, within Phu Ninh Lake captivated the hearts of each member, making this experience even more memorable and fulfilling.


The Teambuilding trip of Nhan Luat Corporation concluded with unity and soaring spirits, leaving an everlasting mark in the heart of each member. "Uniting Strength - Achieving Success " is not just a slogan; it embodies a vibrant spirit that motivates everyone to overcome challenges, build shared success, and strive for a brighter future.

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