Thailand Trip: Recognizing Outstanding Achievements

2023 marked a year of resounding success for Nhan Luat Corporation. Thanks to the tireless efforts of all employees, the company has achieved impressive business results. In recognition of these tremendous contributions, the company's Chairman has awarded trips to Australia, Japan, and Thailand to managers and employees with long-term dedication to the company and outstanding performance in the past year. The Thailand trip from March 20th to 24th, 2024, is the start of this meaningful program.

A Journey to Explore Famous Landmarks

The Thailand trip took employees to famous destinations in Pattaya and Bangkok. The group had the opportunity to admire the magnificent beauty of the Golden Buddha Mountain (Khao Chee Chan) - famous for the image of Buddha carved in gold on the mountainside, visit the Golden Temple - famous for the gold Buddha statue carved by laser with 999 kg of gold, 118m high, presented by the Crown Prince to King Rama 9 on his birthday and 60th year of reign over Thailand - this is also a magnificent masterpiece of the country. Pattaya Hill (Pattaya Hill) - where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Pattaya from above. The Big Buddha Statue of Phra Khao Yai - one of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand, symbolizing peace and good luck. The legendary Chao Praya River - where visitors can experience a cruise, admire the unique architecture along the banks of the river and enjoy spectacular performances.

In addition to the famous landmarks, the group also visited Coral Island (Koh Larn) - known as the "paradise island" with its white sand beaches, clear blue water and rich marine ecosystem. Here, employees had exciting experiences such as swimming, diving to see coral reefs, and participating in water sports.

Experiencing Unique Culture and Strengthening Teamwork

The trip was not only an opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery but also a chance for employees to experience the unique culture of Thailand. Visiting the Institute of Herbal Research and Snake Venom Serum - where visitors can learn about traditional Thai medicine. Gems Gallery - where visitors can admire the magnificent gold and gemstone artworks. The 4 Regions Floating Market - where visitors can shop for unique souvenirs and enjoy Thai specialties.

In particular, employees also had the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange activities, learning about the traditional beauty of Thai people. This helped them connect better with each other, build team spirit and strong bonds.

A Trip Demonstrating the Chairman's Care

More than a reward, the trip is a testament to the Chairman's care for the employees. This is a great motivation for each individual to continue striving and contributing to the overall development of the company.

Concluding the Journey and Looking to the Future

The Thailand trip ended successfully, leaving beautiful memories and pride for each employee. With the Chairman's care and encouragement, the collective staff of Nhan Luat will continue to unite, strive to fulfill their assigned tasks, and bring the company to sustainable development.

Pictures of the trip as below:

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