Joyful Children's Day: Laughter and Happiness Abound

On the occasion of International Children's Day (June 1st), the Labor Union of Nhan Luat Corporation organized a fun and entertaining party for the children of the company's employees. The party took place in a warm, joyful atmosphere filled with laughter and happiness.

With the desire to bring the children a meaningful and memorable holiday, the Company's Union carefully prepared all aspects of the organization, from decoration, games, and gifts to snacks. The highlight was the stage area, which was brightly decorated with funny and lovely images and familiar cartoon characters.

Attending the party, the children were immersed in a joyful and bustling atmosphere with exciting physical and intellectual games. The children also enjoyed special performed by clown singers. The joy was doubled when the children received souvenirs from the Organizing Committee

Nhan Luat Corporation always pays attention to the spiritual life of its employees and their families. Organizing the International Children's Day party is an activity that demonstrates the Board of Directors' care and attention for the children of employees, contributing to building a civilized and friendly working environment. The company is committed to always striving to create the best conditions for the children of employees to study, play, and develop comprehensively.

This is truly an activity that helps to connect the feelings between the Board of Directors, employees, and families, creating a civilized, friendly, and loving working environment.

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