Gala Conclusion Of The Year 28th

On December 10, the 28th Nhan Luat Conclusion Gala Night was held at the Saffron Banquet Hall, New Orient Hotel, Da Nang City with the participation of all Nhan Luat  officers from all regions and our dear partners, friends

The Chief Executive Officer of Nl assigns business assignment of the 28th year to the managerial members

The program opened with a speech from the Chief Executive Officer of Nhan Luat about the operation of the system last year, recognized the maturity and the efforts of the managers and all members who joined hands. Nhan Law has overcomed the challenges of a year with full of difficulties. The following was the ceremony of the General Manager who assigned tasks to each department and regional units of the company, follow the promises and potentials of the development of Nhan Luat career in the next year.

Nhan Luat Gala has becomed a real festival, blended by special wine culinary program, music and dance performances are carefully prepared and full of enthusiasm from the members of Nhan Luat. The concert of Nhan Luat on the night of December 10 is the competition and art performance between three units: Nhan Luat Steel Investment & Trading Joint Stock Company, Southern Nhan Luat Joint Stock Company, Nhan Law Joint Stock Company Northern. And a team of judges for such performances are the guests, dear friends who have accompanied Nhan Luat throughout the development of this brand.

The gala party was closed with the final victory of the associates from the Southern Nhan Luat Joint Stock Company. However, the achievements in business as well as the arts, the solidarity of all members of the Nhan Luat Office from all regions is more appreciated, and has becomed a fulcrum for the royal aspirations. from an extensive steel distributor in Vietnam.

The collective dance performance "thơ tình của núi" – Nhan Luat Investment & Steel Trading Holding Corporation 

The collective dance performance “Thơ Tình Của Núi”  – Southern Nhan Luat.,JSC

The collective dance performance “Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe” -  Northern Nhan Luat,,JSC

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