As a member of Nhan Luat, PCT Steel Joint Stock Company (PCT) was established with an objective of supplying steel for projects nationwide. Since 2020, PCT has expanded its product portfolio through partnership with high-profile cement manufacturers in Vietnam. Alongside steel, PCT supplies cement and other concrete materials to construction in which Nhan Luat, its parental company, has been trusted and approved by project owners and constructors. Respecting and strengthening the core values of Nhan Luat, PCT is committed to providing services of “ Variety (Phong phú) – Quality (Chất lượng) – Progress (Tiến độ)”

Bulk Cement

Used for mixing highly intensive and stable concrete. Suitable for infrastructure projects.

Standard : ASTM C150/C150M

Grade : PCB40, PC40. Grade >=40 Mpa PC50. Grade >=50 Mpa Cement - modarate sulfate resistance, type PCMSR40, type PCMSR50

Standard TCVN 6067:2018

Origin : Vietnam

Bagged Cement

Used in creating high-strength concrete and mortar. Easy to pour foundation, pillars, construction and other items. Suitable for all projects.

Standard : TCVN 6260:2009

Grade : PCB30, PCB40, PCB50

Origin : Vietnam