The Cooperation Ceremony Between Nhan Luat And Scg

On 02/02/2021, at the 8th floor, Nhan Luat Building, No. 122 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang City, Nhan Luat Steel Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company had a summit between the Board of Directors of two companies which sign a contract to buy and sell cement. Also at the event, it has successfully held a training session "training cement". In order to equip knowledge about cement to create a premise for more convenience in cement business.

 The contract signing ceremony between Nhân Luat and SCG

Holding a contract signing ceremony is an important event marking the strong cooperation between two .To agree on the purchase and sale in the cement business between the two parties to be effective. The training program aims to equip staff with knowledge of cement, concrete, skills in sales and professional handling of situations. 

 Training cement

Teabreak party and conversation between Nhan Luat and SCG

After the signing of the contract and training program, Nhan Luat Company and SCG had a closer relationship, understanding and sharing more in the field of cement trading. We hope Nhan Luat will be a strong cement distributor in the future. 

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