Outing: Bonded Love

In order to create a mutual playground, develop fitness and build team spirit among employees, The Law Steel Investment & Trading Joint Stock Company organized a tour at  Laguna from April 16th to April 17th for all employees.


Photo of employees before tour departure

Short field trips bring employees more comfortable and pleasant moments after pressure and hard-working days at the company.  Besides, employees become close and engaged to create a friendly working environment which is what the Nhan Luat group is always looking for.


The whole team checked in at Laguna Lang Co – Hue city


The whole team checked in at the entrance hall of Laguna Lang Co-Hue  

 The members’ spirit of the Nhan Luat Group is very enthusiastic. The organizers held a gala dinner on the shimmering, poetic scenery of Canh Duong beach.


Gala dinner on the poetic coast of Canh Duong beach

After participating in highly team-oriented games, every member shows the spirit of solidarity between each other. The company's staff also play in circles and set campfires together.

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Teambuilding and fires campfires

Everyone, who is versatile dynamic or usually introverted and unconfident about their ability can blend together in small interesting games, can sing live songs, or can show performances that are sometimes very funny but deeply meaningful by the magical flicker of the campfire night.

It's very great that after hard-working hours,  each individual, as well as the whole team, was laughing and singing comfortably. The members were relaxing together by the flickering light.

At the end of the gala dinner, members came and stayed at Laguna Lang Co Hue where everyone ate, slept together, and gathered to play games in the late night as well as shared their joys and sorrows. Through this trip, we understood more about each personality of the members, which is exactly the message of the trip "Bonding love".

 The joyful and meaningful trip brought to us the spirit of optimism, and pride to be a member of the Law Group. Each member of the company will support the effort and solidarity to join hands in order to build an increasingly strong brand of Nhan Luat.

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