Gala Conclusion Of The Year 29th

On December 10, 2021, the Gala Night was held at La Maison banquet hall, 4th floor Risemount Premier Resort Da Nang with the participation of all Nhan Luat staff from all regions and partners, dear friends..


Gala Conclusion Of The Year 29th

Year End Party is an annual program of Nhan Luat. This is an opportunity for all company members to look back on what they have achieved during last year and assign new tasks with plans towards further success in the coming year.

Opening the program was the speech of  Nhan Luat General Manager which was about the operation and business situation of the whole system last year. With the efforts of both managers and employees, the CEO has recognized and commended them. This will be the motivation for all system members to strive harder for  bringing Nhan Luat more sustainable development.

General Manager assigns tasks to each Department and regional units of the company, step up the promises and potentials of the development of Nhan Luat's career in the next year.

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The Chief Executive Officer of Nl assigns business assignment of the 28th year to the managerial members

The party became extremely warm with the harmony of a special food besides glasses of wine, melodious music, and burning musical performances of the members.


Music and dance program of all staff

This event is also an opportunity for members of the company to relax and think about meaningful work last year. Emotional thoughts, sharing to understand each other and connect more on the path of accompanying Nhan Luat development.


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